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    英 [w?z]美 [w?z]
    • n. 奇才;行家

    wiz 常用句子

    1.You're a wiz at math! You should be a math teacher.


    2.However, even current registrations are a significant rise on 2009, when just 55 fully electric cars were sold, nearly half of these being the diminutive G-Wiz runaround.

    盡管如此,即使是現在的登記數量相比09年也已經有了飛躍。2009年全年僅售出55輛全電動汽車,接近一半是輕便的小型G - Wiz。

    3.The reporter broke in to a cold sweat. Did the Wiz genuinely sense his cerebral activities?


    4.Michael Jackson sported the Scarecrow outfit in The Wiz.


    5.Jackson, right, played the Scarecrow in the 1978 film version of the musical the Wiz, alongside Nipsey Russell as the Tinman and Diana Ross as Dorothy.


    6.With his big screen debut in The Wiz and his groundbreaking album Off the Wall on the horizon, an 18-year-old Jackson makes a solo appearance at the 1977 Grammy Awards.

    由于在音樂電影《綠野仙蹤》的出色表演和他不落俗套的個人專輯《墻外》。 1977年18歲的邁克爾杰克遜獨自踏上了格萊美的紅地毯。

    7.Who's going to pick the Wiz to win that series?


    8.The magician and the chocolate wiz.


    9.Having learning magic skills of Hu's , Happy Wiz studied hard and practiced more, which led him to master more skills. He has the delicate intelligence on calculating the audience reaction.

    在拜胡世盛為師后,奇樂勤學苦練, 觸類旁通,在推測觀眾心理反應上,更有微妙變化的智慧。