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    英 [?wa?v?n;?wa?v??n]美 [?wa?v?n;?wa?v??n]
    • n. 雙足飛龍(等于 wivern)

    wyvern 常用句子

    1.Wyvern Aegis: Instantly increases player's P. Def and M. Def. Power 3. Can only be used when on a wyvern. Uses 20 spirit ore.


    2.Wyvern aegis : instantly increases player ' s p. def and m. def. power 3. can only be used when on a wyvern . uses 20 spirit ore.

    飛龍庇護:立即增加玩家的物理防御和魔法防御。威力3 。只能在飛龍上使用。使用20魔精石。

    3.If a hunter "wyvern stings" an enemy already asleep from "wyvern sting", the "wyvern sting" sleep will now be reapplied correctly.


    4.Arguably the most dangerous is the monstrous Pao Kai, a cousin to the Wyvern of the northern steppes.


    5.The Wyvern is a large, scaly beast with leathery wings and a poison stinger.


    6.The westland wyvern was the last fixed - wing aircraft design from the westland aircraft co . and was one of the last prop - driven fighters.