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    英 [?w??b??n]美 [?w??b??n]
    • n. 叉骨;如愿骨; Y 字型的東西
    [ 復數 wishbones ]

    wishbone 常用句子

    1.The LAE Series electric power clamp is light weight and USES a wishbone style arm.


    2.According to the superstition, if two people break apart a "wishbone" of a chicken or turkey, the person who gets the longer half of the wishbone will have his or her wish come true.

    迷信說法之許愿骨 有迷信認為如果兩人一起扯許愿骨(通常為雞或火雞的叉骨),誰扯到較長的一段,誰的愿望就能成真。

    3.This objection was reasonable when only early theropod clavicles had been discovered, but fossilized theropod clavicles that look just like the wishbone of Archaeopteryx have now been unearthed.


    4.Introduced in this paper is a method to calculate the roll center height with an iteration method for a double wishbone suspension with a simple structure.


    5.The special difficulties lie in the implementation of the burst transmission of the AHB bus, and the supporting of the mutual access between multiple AHB and multiple WISHBONE.


    6.This paper based on the mechanism of DDR-SDRAM, gave a way to construct a DDR-SDRAM controller based on WISHBONE bus protocol, and also introduced a forecast method to improve DDR's performance.


    7.Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.